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We are a family-owned and operated countertop fabricator, with several years of high-end service to the New England area. Our expertise consists of Quartz & Granite & Marble, along with several other exotic stones for residential and commercial properties.


Striving for excellence & transparency is paramount. We would love to discuss your solid surface dreams. Our goal is to turn your vision into reality!



- More classic look

- Naturally cooled

- More readily available

- Must be sealed twice yearly

- Ideal for bathrooms & fireplaces


- Man made, 93% quartz, 7% resin

- Dense and non-porous

- No sealant required

- Priced in levels A through D

- Uniform design, anti-bacterial


- Color variety

- Ideal for kitchen install

- Must be sealed yearly 

- Priced in levels A through D

- Each piece is unique


Transparent and Attentive Service with Over 75 Colors in Stock

Start To Finish


Our first step is to provide an estimate. We are upfront about every single detail of your project. We are here to complete your visions of your future countertops.


After you approve of the estimate, a templator will be dispatched to the site and make measurements of the job. Our expert workers get an accurate and precise outline of your stone with digital laser templating.


Having templated, we will bring it to our fabrication department and with our laser guided cutter, under the control of our specialized operators, we will cut the measurement of your stone. After that's done a polisher of ours will polish the edges to your specifications, getting that smooth finish.


Our Final step, is up to our installers. They will install your countertops to complete your vision. In the case of it being granite they will add a sealer and they make sure things are cleaned on the stone after installation, you can enjoy your new countertop.


Helpful tips

   Granite needs to be sealed every 6 months to 1 year to preserve the gloss and defend against stains.

   For your day-to-day needs, wiping your stone with a paper towel and some soap when spills occur is recommended (needed more for granite). Using a cutting board for scratch prevention is also great.

   A trivet or hot pad is great for dealing with extreme heat, the heat can cause cracks. Quartz and granite need to be protected from extreme heat sources, crock pots, electric pressure cookers, and deep fryers are to name a few. 

   Avoiding harsh brushes and chemicals that could wear down the sealant is ideal. Avoid using your countertop as a ladder and instead use a step-stool or an actual ladder.


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A Premium Select Group of Edges with Different Tiers, Starting with Level 1...


Best Fabricator In Western Mass | Premier Fabricator of Cambria

One Week Turn-Around | Fair Estimates | Access to a Wide Variety of Natural and Quartz Stones

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